Travel Concierge

We have helped over 200 families to see new countries

7P`s DNA contains a diverse melting-pot of culture, and experience from Avid Travelers, Globetrotters, Resort/Property Investors, Real Estate Brokers, Technology Visionaries and Travel Concierge pioneers with a deep-rooted passion for service and hospitality, with a vision to enhance the lives of our clients by delivering the most trusted service on the planet. With over 15 years of experience in the Travel Concierge, and Hospitality & Tourism industry, we have helped over 200 families to see new countries, to live new lifestyles like a local, to learn a new skill like the locals, to taste a new flavor, and to find themselves, all by connecting their ambitions and desires to places of paradise, and breathtaking experiences in foreign countries with the locals.

7P’s travel concierge speaks the language of our clients by catering to their every desire and traveling needs. We speak lifestyle, and understand the difficulties in planning a destination trip. We handle the small, big, and gigantic groups to take the hassle out of finding the perfect flight, to go with the best villa that has a boat and Captain on site.  We have partnered with a foreign travel agency that specializes in tour services, and concierge services throughout the world.

Emilie Tours, LLC is a third-party agency contracted to manage all properties of 7P’s Realty, and foreign investment property projects. All bookings for concierge services, travel concierge services to include, cruises, flights, hotel/resort reservations, tour services, and attractions will be facilitated after completing the “contact us” form on website, or by emailing directly to create a unique travel package that caters to all your traveling needs, wishes, and desires.

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