Real Estate

We teach our clients how to purchase property without having a mortgage

7P’s brokers can enable you to transform basic and complex land issues into open doors for development. From entrepreneurs, financial specialists, land developers, property managers, to crowdfunding groups.

We work in expository administrations for resource acquisitions and miens, lease abstracting and information approval, and preparing and meeting administrations for our clients.

Our methods in utilizing crowdfunding groups has proven successful with acquiring multiple plots of land in several countries with no loans from a financial institution.

We teach our clients how to purchase property without having a mortgage in North America by utilizing Capital through crowdfunding opportunities.

Notwithstanding our full array of consulting services gives us the edge in the Real Estate Broker sector of the economy.

We are able to provide custom business plans which aligns with the client’s objectives and desired goals in investment property, foreign, or domestic.

Private lending education is available with contractual consulting services with our firm.

Our scope of administrations incorporates: Due determination, showcase examines, portfolio administrations, rent admonitory, and the sky is the limit from there. Essentially all that you have to improve the estimation of your business, you’ll find at 7P’s Consulting LLC.

Real Estate