Health and Wellness

We have 20 plus years experience in the Health & Wellness industries.

Mental Health

Food and Nutrition

Our Food & Nutritionist are professionals, and understand the process of coordination and implementation of all services provided for individuals and their families that receive contractual consulting services to better their way of living through their ideology and diet.

We teach our clients that you must first change your diet to change your life.

7P’s philosophy is to understand self-care, and to promote knowledge of self in all consultation sessions with a business/individual. We focus on the health of an individual that will drive an organization. We teach an individual how to control their state of being (health), to be able to manipulate their state of living a healthy lifestyle (wellness). Clients will learn that health is the physical, mental, or social well-being; whereas wellness aims to enhance our well-being.

Mental Health & Wellness

 7P’s is a consulting firm with 20 plus years experience in the Health & Wellness industry.

We started out in the Mental Health services variety that contracts with mental health agencies, and other healthcare providers to conduct internal audits/trainings. Our goal is to continue to provide ongoing assurance in ensuring compliance with medical records, HR, corporate compliance, peer reviews, documentation training to maximize billable services, and QA/QI through a third-party collateral support contractual agreement.

We have competent consultants with the ability to operate in any capacity in a mental health agency.

We have contracted with owners of mental health agencies throughout the North Americas to become the organization’s Program Director, Chief Operations Officer, Program Manager, Corporate Compliance Officer, Counselor, or Consultant over the last 20 years to enhance productivity of the agencies.

100% of owners that 7P’s contracted with recorded increase in productivity after the third quarter of consulting with our firm.

We have certified and competent consultants to facilitate, and advise mental health providers in the process of obtaining a national accreditation with any State/Province.

Food and nutrition